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Haunting melodies swell around the poignant feminine vocals of Finch Faux, revealing a sea of sound both inviting and mysterious.


A raw talent coming from the unlikely inland town of Temora, Finch Faux’s passion was nurtured early by her musical family. This sense of rural warmth can still be heard as a counterpoint to the cool edge her music now possesses, guided by the laneways and architecture of her current Melbourne home.


Although she has been writing since the age of twelve, her upcoming LP, Flounderbound, will be her first official release. This 10-track indie-pop offering is rich with modern instrumentation, a beguiling backdrop to Finch Faux’s seductive investigations of identity and facade. Recorded over the last two years, Flounderbound evokes strong female voices of the past and present, while standing firmly as its own piece.


Finch Faux’s deeply personal music elicits emotions of stumbling across a secret house party show and feeling the singer is speaking straight to you, while the crisp production adds a grandeur that would be welcome on the main stage of any summer festival.

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