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Debut single, “So Let It Begin”, is out

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

(July 30, 2021 – Melbourne, AUS) – Indie-pop artist Finch Faux is excited to announce the release her debut single “So Let It Begin” worldwide from July 30,2021.

The release has been a long time coming for the Melbourne based indie-pop artist:

“I wrote it about ten years ago when I was travelling, sitting against my campervan wheel in the afternoon sun with a guitar” Finch Faux explains. “To me it's about losing something and not knowing whether or not you will ever find it again”.

”Produced by Tobias Priddle, the track weaves together a rich palette of electronic tones and hauntingly beautiful vocal performance, resulting in a track in the sonic realm of contemporaries #Olympia, #LaRoux, and #StVincent.

“So Let it Begin” is available on all major streaming platforms and marks the first release from Finch Faux’s forthcoming debut album.

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